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who is anyone, really?

Member: Shabbar Raza (Founder, only active member)
The Solo Projekt is an eclectic cross-hybrid genre act that showcases a variety of sonic landscapes such as industrial, orchestral, and experimental. 


Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Bass, Programming, Orchestration, Composition / Shabbar Raza


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The liar paradox (2018)


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The Liar Paradox





the world lied to me

you bet it’ll lie to you too


is anything ever true?

yeah the skys only blue

yeah cuz my brain tells me to

every moment is a different you 


how do you know which one is true

the beginning middle and end of you

which one is actually new?

the now or later are the only you 


you think you see right through

the wise and fool argue

choking each others truth

reality tears at the fabric of you 


everything you ever been is a lie

sorry about your pride

yeah try to runaway and hide

welcome to the paradox 

Who am I, But You

I’m the king of every sin

I'm every sin of a king

I’m the result of everyone who’s ever been

Byproduct of every loss

Every lost of a soul lost of a goal

A peasant in the present

You’re in the greatest presence

Of the human senses with every consensus For anyone who’s got common senses

I’m Muslim, I’m Jewish, I’m bhudda who woulda thought

I’m a Christian, atheistic scientific mystic mischief, agnostic

what’s passed it, maybe we’re all just humans that are wearing bullshit disguises

Roll the dices Indulge in vices when in crisis Don’t fight this

you know better than anyone your abusive

Useless, self hatred Walk a million paces

Go to different places

You can’t escape where your head is headed

Try to mend it, bend it, defend it But always remember that you’ll most likely be defeated

Defeated Defeat it

Plato’s mind was always play-doe Aristotle kept it all bottled

Your mind over mine Who’s line are you gonna use to disprove all of mine?

whos line are you gonna use to disprove all of mines

At least Einstein was trying What are you doing with your time?

Martin Luther was a chooser

You’re a user, who’s your dealer None the wiser I’m the wisest fooler

Entice her, liar Fire is dire The way that I’m wired

after all is set and done I shall be admired

Nothing is as it seems

Never believe beings Race religion or creed

Why should you trust me? because I just said it?

Yeah bitch i said it

Dream within dreams

Seem what it seems

Ease without ease 

RED PILL, with a hint of blue

This sentence is a lie and I only tell the truth  

Are you gonna be the man of your word for the woman of your world? 

Fighting millions of years of evolution, lying to her about the beauty of any girl she mentions 


You give into her biology while she ignores yours

That’s like being the sun and her asking only to shine on her 

The root action thought of feminine beauty is primal duty,

but she wants you to abandon post because she wants to feel pretty 


Even if the species is on the verge of extinction

and there’s 3 of her left 

She’ll still ask what’s your reasoning because she’s the best 


Don’t treat her like an object

yet she lives for compliments

From the right guy that is, what a self serving concept that is 


I was billions of years in the making dog

you and me are it 

if I didn’t happen than the universe never did 


No one wants anyone to be poor but everyone wants to be rich

Would you go broke for the broke but be spiritually enriched

Every choice is coping of a past consequence

regret disguised as everything happens for a reason


Trust is only for the now

 no matter how long you’ve known the person nohow 

It’s easier to trust a stranger than a friend or a family member

Cuz they don’t got the stamps of blackmail to remember 


The best things happen to the worst people because they don’t care or share your morale compass

But you’re the one who’s suffering, so who’s wins over who.

You’re version of morality or their drive to success? 


I’d rather have melodies than memories in my head 

Cuz creating new air vibrations is far more important than keeping the false notions fed 

You wanna be hones huh,

I don’t think you can


you think you can? you think you can?! you think you can!


how can someone be made for anyone

when I’m the only one i know, i know i know 


you’ve gone to bed alone

youve died alone alone alone

you’re the only one that you’ve ever known you known

in your heart of hearts your all alone


just because there someones sleeping right next to you

doesn't mean that they're inside of you


everyones living an illusion of themselves

theres someone for no one

theres no one for someone

how about that


the only thing that can only be is you

everyone else is just that, its every one


we all go to sleep alone

We all share experiences with someone else with by our selves

all alone, alone alone


We all share experiences with someone else with by our selves

all alone alone alone

We all share experiences with someone else all by our selves

knowing were

all alone alone alone 


i thought of everything

i thought i thought of everything

You know you owe me

You thought you could love me 

I thought I could love you 

I thought I was in love with you 

I thought you were in love with me 

You know you weren’t really wrong 

you know i'm in love with you

you know i'm all alone with you


i thought i could love you

i thought i was in love with you

It’s funny how one day you’re wrong 

yesterday you thought you were right 


The day I fell in love with you 

I fell deeper than the ocean 

What’s the point of this thing called time? 


Because it never ever ends 

We’ll never know if we’ve been loved 

But it will tell us when we’re hurt 


Till death do us is just a part 

Part of this cosmic infinite 

Died a thousand lives in my head 


How can death pull us all apart 

puts us back together as on

broken glass of the same mirror

ends just as fast as it begins

a second can be forever

if i can even remember

Yesterday tomorrow today 

you know i’m in love with you  

i thought you were in love with me



Self-Destruction through Loneliness

You can you can dig it out but you never been 

You don't even know yourself enough to even win 

Do god himself even know that he committing sins?

As the people starving below keep getting more thin






Do You wanna be happy? 

Stop trying to be happier

Do You wanna stop lying? 

Think of a better lie


Do You wanna be among the rest? 

Just remember the greats come from the best mess 

 Do You wanna be rich? 

A poor excuse is an expensive risk


Do You wanna fall in love? 

Stop falling 

Do You wanna stop being a coward?

Turn on your read receipts every hour


Do You wanna sleep on time? 

Well the mind changes the world to stay the same I find 

Do you wanna be content? 

Learn how to pretend 


Do you want the truth or the lie? 

Depends on what you confide 

Why are you afraid of death? 

When you don’t mind going to bed 


Why fear the unknown

When a baby is more content than any man you’ve ever known

 People say "I don’t remember my past life"

Well right now is not a memory 


If you're manic don't panic

 who is the devil?

that’s just God in a good mood


You've never truly felt beautiful 

So why do you keep trying

Two feelings that will never lose sensitivity

Orgasms and suffering 


Nothing has ever been controversial to you

You've been told that it should be 


Humans are abusive creatures 

One of our best features 

 "Power corrupts"

Is a phrase used by people with lesser power 


We are the only animals that can contemplate suicide 

And actually execute it

Do you wanna have unforgettable experiences?

Forget your black mirrors at home

or better yet smash them to pieces 


Talking is a cry for help 

Crying is the lack of talking 

the root reason of speaking is 

"help me”


is a song actually good?

or just repeats enough times to make you think that it is 

after all

we are the pathetic bacteria of habits 


I wonder whats the actual prize

thats at the end of this ride

The reason we are never satisfied 

is because we are natural problem solvers 


We'll always seek solutions 

which is our biggest problem

 conversations are convincing contests 

When you are in pain is when you protest 


If everyone feels misunderstood 

Then what is there to understand

Men contemplate with themselves

Women contemplate against themselves 


What happens when you get to the top of the mountain? 

You jump 

that’s the whole point of the climb

Bourdain, Chester, Cobain, Cornell 



You wanna be honest? 

Come on, let’s just be honest 

You wanna be deep?

Drill a hole in your soul 


How can you understand depth

If you don’t have any holes 


Do you wanna be profound?

Stop being around

Everyone’s on a different page at the same time

circular infinite philosophy 






Maybe, Just Maybe There’s Absolute Truth 

oh were living inside of each other, all of us entangled together

the world can’t separate us 

the things that matter the least matter the most

oh this is the only existence ill ever know 


i believe that human beings are the perfect things that ever existed but the situation is always been imperfect

life, life has been more guaranteed than concept of death in every fuckin breath


oh the tragic human condition, let me mention, I’ve reached every sort of transcendence 

try and spread your suffering, its not enough 

the only perfection is greatness, and thats in all of us 


How dare you defy me

How dare you 

I am the not omega 


I am the better alpha 

I’ve destroyed your god 

I’ve taken your good 


Indulge in every sin 

Because that’s all you’ve been 

deep down that you know that know your hate 


you despise everyone’s success

you wish you weren’t depressed

you keep it all suppressed 


you only think your above me?

you’ve always been her

amongst the dead of your fate 

no truth, only lies, no happiness

only goodbyes 

you think you’re better than me?



Emotion is a commotion in constant motion 

Oh welcome back life 

Ah you don’t seem to be going way anytime soon 

it keeps raining and raining my heart is in pain in this audible painting 


ah the beauty of silence isn’t it something 

the silence in between the song is where emotion therein lies


the gap between the chords and between the notes 

and between the words of everything that you say 


that’s where the motherfuckin beauty lies 

that’s where all the emotion is, 

there where heart is, that’s where hurt is


ah the sound of silence, beautiful

oh everything makes sense in here


its just me and you right now 

the world doesn’t exist

your family doesn’t exist

the earth doesn’t exist

the oceans don't exist

the mountains don’t exist

your car doesn’t exist

the galaxy doesn’t exist

that god doesn’t exist

the devil doesn’t exist

that heaven doesn’t 

its just me and you 


we’re all constantly moving

no ones standing still, no ones standing still

everything is in motion including your heart 

and you have the nerve to say but…still


emotions a commotion in constant motion 

oh welcome back life, you don’t seem to be going away anytime soon

oh yesterday, how happy i was

oh yesterday, how sad i was

oh yesterday, how jealous i was


The Answers 


the answers to life have already been found

no one remembers it cuz of observation bias

you know the line between being watched and watching someone

the thing you can do so many times alone but not when the mind is being watched


The answers to life have already been found 

no one remembers it because they don't even remember yesterday 

I've forgotten more things than I can remember

what does that say about the grand scheme of this life scheme 


the answers to life have already been found

no one wants to remembers because it hurts too much 

Everyone's living each other's decision and once the pendulum starts it's impossible to stop


every single thing in this universe goes forward and obeys time 

yet the mind doesn't and it goes backwards for growth 


think about it, if life's all about realizations then that would mean it was there all along you just remembered it (again)

then that would mean it was there all along

after hitting the right combinations of thought like a fuckin tic tac toe match 



I used to think you were the most prized possession so far

now that i think a little deeper

I denounce you from my heart

You, take me away 

God, I’m asking 

Take me away


If I Were To Rule The World



Spread the cards with a grin

Whisper all in 

Sit upon every inch

Rule me till you win

But will you win you?


I can rule the world if i just ruled me

I can rule the world if i knew me



Sing about what about what you sang

I’m sinking

Sailing through what you’ve sailed

I know I have failed



If i were to rule

I would tear it all


Mark my words

The world turns as it should

Everything I am is everything I would

Am i the choice of my own will

The red or blue pill

to kill or be killed

To fill it to be spilled

if nothing matters then mathematically why is there even matter


I’d tear it all

Once and for all

Everything must fall

Rich poor and all

Cashes in ashes we all fall down 

We all fall down


God is a Pimp



I see right through

I know what you have done

You pimped everyones hope

Keep saying one day, some day


A day that never shows

But you’ve already known

You create the suffering

Telling us that you are healing



Makes sense?

you need me more than I need you


You need us, we don’t need you

Why else would you ask?

Apparently you need attention, who knew

We pimped you 



Tell us how to be

Have you looked at your own sleeves?

heard of hypocrisy punk

you have been the greatest one


You tell us how to 

Behave look at yourself

Im not your fucking slave

you are mine and more



You can’t 

Take me, apart

You can’t

Take my, my heart 


God, pray

We will make you pay

God, takes

God took what he gave

God, God knows God


love is the only human emotion

you slowed me down

you took me down